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The speed at which technology is moving towards updating and up-gradation, it seems like it’s moving faster than light. What seemed imperative yesterday might be obsolete today and what is of utmost importance today might not even matter tomorrow. That’s how technology advancement is rolling.

With more efforts and funds being put into research and development, the specialists and professionals are on a constant beat to tweak and improve the existing technology so that the world can come closer together.

Let’s look at the trending technologies that are about to change the way this world operates.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has already changed the way everything works around here. AI is the technology that equips the computer system to take decisions just like humans would do. AI can process complex tasks such as pattern recognition, speech recognition, weather forecast, and medical diagnosis. We are seeing a subsequent rise in the number of AI fed systems that are now able to successfully mimic human intelligence to quite a great extent.

Data Science

Data Science is the next one and not surprisingly! Data Science helps us make sense of the complicated loads of data. This includes business data, sales data, customer profile information, server data, and financial figures. Most of this data is unstructured and data science helps us structure them in a way that we can use the data to draw important insights.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is nothing but a network of devices that are connected to each other over Wifi and they interact and share data with the instilled computer chip that facilitates the exchange of this data. IoT facilitates remote access to the devices too. By 2025, more than 41 billion devices will be powered by IoT.


This is the foundational technology that powers electronic currencies like Cryptocurrencies. If we try to put it simply, blockchain is like an electronic ledger that can be shared amongst the users to create a record of the transactions that cannot be altered. Each transaction is time stamped and block-chained with the previous one. Hence the name Blockchain! The transactions are supremely secured and easier to track. Plus, the companies can cut down on the centralized party costs as this technology is decentralized.

Virtual Reality

People around the world cannot stop to drool over the VR concept. It is not only changing the entertainment zone but is equally making things more interesting in a simulated environment. By 2021, this industry is expected to reach close to $40 billion.

Everything that we thought was impossible at one moment is now a beautiful reality! Thanks to technology. And it is getting better by the day! It’ll be interesting to see what technology unveils in the coming years.


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