Gaming Software- Casino | Cards | Dice
We, at Lane 4 Solution have successfully cracked the code for stellar gaming solutions. Hence we raise the bar with our varied range of gaming software. We create excellent gaming software from scratch and nurture it with innovative development services. Plus, we curate multiplayer live gaming software that connects people all over the globe. Lane 4 Solution has been successful in providing the ultimate gaming experience to pro-level gamers.
Live Video Streaming- Webinars | News | Events
Live video streaming has become the very essence of modern business and this world with the bounds as we call it a global village. Any event, business conferences, meetings, sports screening, or religious activities are now thriving on live video streaming. At Lane 4 Solution, we have optimally grasped the importance of live video streaming and developed software with more advanced and salient features that are prolific.
Exchange Platform- Stock | Crypto-currency
Trading and investments on exchange platforms like stock markets, futures, and options have become very popular aspects of business these days. But what is vital in these trading platforms is security and convenience. Hence we have analyzed the best aesthetics of trading platforms and worked on creating trading platforms that are easy,secure, reliable, and most of all free from any glitches.
Omnichannel eCommerce- E-Commerce | POS | Order Management | Stock Management | Account Management
Digital or physical, we believe that your business operations should flow seamlessly and without any interruptions. We develop high-performance web solutions with optimal coordination of all online and offline channels. Irrespective of the industry that you operate in, we create highly personalized and relevant portals for a top-notch customer experience that in turn boosts up the revenue.
E-Wallets- Money Transfer | Bill Payment | Recharge | Shopping | Travel | Movie | Events
Cashless transactions are the new black! Thanks to the Digital Revolution. These days, you can travel around the world with absolutely no cash in your wallet. Thanks to E-Wallets. At Lane 4 Solution, we capitalize our expertise into creating safe, reliable, and secure online wallets with added features that enhance convenience for the user and enables him to do monetary transactions from any time and anywhere.
Booking: Event | Movie | Park
With the internet revolution, we are blessed with booking our tickets and passes for all our entertainment musings sitting right in the comfort of our home. With our customized ticket booking software, you can let your customers feel the ease of real-time ticket booking. Comfort meets convenience at Lane 4 Solution when it comes to booking portals because they are tailor-made to achieve the highest level of convenience for you and your customers.
Booking: Air | Ferry | Rail
Be it railways, airways, waterways, or roadways, Lane 4 Solution has a personalized booking experience reserved for all of your journeys. With the custom-made booking software that is glitch-free, user-friendly, and works on the real timelines by Lane 4 Solution, you can cut down on all the customer service costs by providing your customer a hassle-free and easy ticket booking portal that navigates them through the process with the utmost ease.
Learning Management System
Knowledge knows no barriers, especially in this world wide web world. You can share your resources and pool of knowledge with learners across the globe if you have access to the right Learning management Softwares. At Lane 4 Solution, we create stellar LMS systems for teachers. Instructors, schools, institutions, and more so that geographical boundaries are not what comes in the way of imparting education.
Forex Expert Advisor- Expert Advisors | Robots
Trading online in stocks, currencies, and commodities has gotten widely popular and very dynamic over the last decade. Now, the trading is no longer restricted to national markets. Users are onto tapping the potentials of international markets and it can be volatile in a second. The software that we develop at Lane 4 Solution gives you expert advice and insights that help you trade better and generate more profits.
Visitor Management System
Why restrict your operations to physical entries of the visitors who visit your premises! We have a better and stellar solution for you. It is the Visitor Management System from Lane 4 Solution that tracks every visitor that steps foot into your organization, takes all the data, and records it for future purposes. It is just so much easier, safer, convenient, and better. It’s time to upgrade your Visitor Management System with Lane 4 Solution.
Online Admission System
Gone are the days when students used to visit the campus and look around for admission processes. Everything now is digital and happens online. Hence it becomes imperative for institutions to have a portal in place so that everything related to student admissions can be taken care of online. At Lane 4 Solution, we facilitate the admission process with online software that is super easy to use for the students and also manageable on this end.
Online Auction Platform- Bidding
Like any other transaction, today is free of geographical borders, auction too can be done virtually with realistic timelines. How? With the exemplary online auction portals that we curate for you at Lane 4 Solution. Enable the ease of bidding from any time and anywhere with more holistic features with the auction portals that we build for you. This way you can save the extra costs on organizing the auction event and enhance the ease of the process.